District 13 OH‐4 By‐Laws Amendment March 16th, 2019

In compliance with District 13 OH4 Constitution and By‐Laws, notice is hereby given as per Article VI, Section 8 of the Constitution that consideration by a formal voting ballot will occur. Voting session, for this consideration, will occur (sometime) during Saturday’s business meeting to accept or decline the issue as presented.

To amend the By‐Laws, Article IV, Section 3 by adding to the list (Parade of Checks) Pediatric Cancer Research and make no other language changes.

Rational for approval:
In support of, endorsement and commitment by the Lions of District 13 OH4 to a program evolving from a “visionary” project by the 2017‐2018 MD13 Council of Governors and now a service commitment by Lions Club International.

The 2017‐2018 Cabinet of District 13 OH4, just as each Lions Club, is obligated to further the purposes of LIONS CLUBS INTERNATIONAL, amended Policy #6 to recognize Pediatric Cancer Research in order to seek the endorsement of our own Districts Lion Clubs.

This would enhance the support and have a “direct” direction of donations.